This page is meant to be a simple explanation of how to obtain Naloxon / Narcan through pharmacies, by prescription or in an emergency.


On June 7, the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene wrote a standing order to pharmacies in Maryland to supply Naloxone / Narcan without a prescription. We are sharing these tips based on the experience of a staff member.



  • Walk Into Any “Approved Pharmacy” And Get Naloxone / Narcan Without A Prescription List of  “Approved Pharmacies” in Maryland published by the Department of Health and Mental  Hygiene.

    • Call ahead to make sure the pharmacy knows about the program and has it in stock.  (We had to call a few pharmacies)

    • We paid $45 for the type of Naloxone/Narcan the pharmacy had in stock   (If it is an emergency there is no cost).


Doctor Prescription:

Call your insurance company and see if they cover Naloxone / Narcan Note: one of the private plans we called did not know what Naloxone or Narcan was.

    • Call your Doctor and ask them to prescribe you Naloxone/Narcan. It may take some convincing. We had to explain to the Dr. what Naloxone/Narcan was, why we needed it and had to assure him that it was legal to prescribe it.  The doctor we spoke to was afraid of being held liable for prescribing a medication that would be administered to someone else.

      • We faxed the doctor the information directly from the DHMH Website (Link For Computers)

        or DHMH Link For Smartphones Look for the heading “How to Get Naloxone” and or “Ask your doctor”

      • We picked up the prescription instead of having it called  in to the pharmacy to avoid any problems with the pharmacy.

      • Be sure to go to an “Approved Pharmacy” and call ahead to confirm they have Naloxone / Narcan in stock

      • The copay with insurance was $5

  • If someone is overdosing you can get Naloxone / Narcan for free immediately.

  • For emergencies  in Anne Arundel County you can walk into any Fire House and receive help or Naloxone / Narcan


Training resources:

  • Your local health department.

    • (We called Anne Arundel County Health Department. The training was 30 minutes and we received free Naloxone / Narcan with this training)

  •  The training was 30 minutes. No Naloxone / Narcan with this training


Department of Health and Mental Hygiene links: